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Treating dreams & nightmares in Toronto

What a strange sensation. You wake up with a jolt in the middle of a dream that feels so real you’re not sure if you are awake or asleep or if it is real or a not.

afraid to go to sleep in case that recurring nightmare will be there again and again like it has for the last several nights or months or longer.

If you
struggle with dreams and nightmares or are simply curious as to their significance, I encourage you to bring them to therapy. They can offer insights into personal beliefs, moods, worries, internal conflict and trauma that aren't apparent to your conscious mind.

The dreams you love are
clear, colourful and magical. You’re positive they must mean something significant in your life and you want to know what that is so you can harness their power.

Together we can work with your dreams so you can discover their meaning and
find inspiration which in turn will fuel your creative mind. Tapping in to that rich resource can be cultivated to work for you.

When working with dreams and nightmares,
alternative perspectives, solutions or clarity can present themselves. They can offer insights and avenues of action to guide your recovery to good mental health and a fulfilled life.
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How I work with dreams & nightmares

As part of dream work, I guide you through an Expressive Art making process where you engage with your dream material. This can be based in a literal telling of the dream or your emotional response to it. I don’t analyze or interpret your dream content as these dreams are deeply personal and you are always the expert.

Together we discuss
symbols and metaphors, recurring elements and possible meanings, messages and narratives that arrive in the artwork and from your dreams. When challenging material surfaces, we will explore them as well through The Clearing Method and Compassionate Inquiry where we get to understand the reasons behind the dreaming and how they are affecting you.

For those who wish to tap into this material for
inspiration and creative ends, dreams can fertilize your imagination and illuminate possibilities to explore artistically. Your creativity can be rejuvenated and inspired.
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Therapeutic benefits of dream therapy

Dreaming may help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms by working on issues during sleep. Problems may not be solved but awareness and insights can be offered to help put things in perspective.

Personal symbolism, metaphors and themes can be identified which can then be explored to understand one's waking life better.

Emotions and moods can be worked through so they are reduced by morning.

Chronic nightmares can be addressed.
Rewriting the story of the nightmare can change the content and provide relief. This is one proven method for dealing with recurring nightmares associated with PTSD.

Dreaming can provide
memory consolidation or conflict resolution and a means to coping with major life events and stress.

Journalling about your dreams daily for a few minutes can offer a self care ritual.

Creativity can be enhanced. The subconscious can supply food for the imagination.

Therapeutic dreamwork in Toronto

Although dream work may seem mysterious, it can be deeply meaningful and helpful for you — the dreamer — to understand them.

Don’t let your nightmares keep you up at night or inspiration slip back to unawareness.
Schedule a free consult so we can make Dreamwork a part of your therapy process and progress.
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