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Therapy for addiction in Toronto

You’ve had that 3rd glass of wine to unwind again. You told yourself that you need to get dinner ready, but the time flew by and now it’s beyond late.

It’s been a tough week at work, the kids are whining, and your husband is spending more and more time away from home. You’re feeling depressed and anxious and it’s all getting a bit much. Now your family is talking like you don’t care about them and you’ve promised them and yourself that you’ll quit. Honestly, you’ve tried.

On top of that you’ve been smoking pot more than you like but slowing down feels scary. Once what was a pleasure has turned into a necessity and you hate yourself and the shame you're feeling for being so weak and out of control.

When you turn to addictive behaviours as a way of coping you may become so dependent on a substance or activity that they will persist even when it is harmful to you, your family or other areas in your life.

You’ve thought about getting help in one of those groups out there to help quit your addictions, but those people don’t resonate with you and you’d like to find another way.

There is hope. Many people are able to learn to control addictive behaviour like drinking, gambling, sex, eating and the excessive use of substances. Recovery is possible; however you define it.
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How I work with addictions

My approach to treating addictions falls within the realm of harm-reduction support where I “meet you where you’re at” with compassion and together we try to understand, minimize and manage problematic behaviours.

In therapy I ask questions like “what happened to you to make you need to escape physically and emotionally?”. Perhaps it was a traumatic experience or a loss of connection with others that compels you towards addiction, maybe childhood abuse and neglect. Has your heart been broken or the stress in your life become unbearable? What difficult beliefs about yourself have you lived with all these years?

We will explore your story, gently dig deep to find answers and work towards restoring balance in your life through Talk Therapy and the Expressive Arts.

I also ask you what you need to feel better. We explore your relationship to the behaviours, and substance use and you learn to find compassion for yourself.

Lastly, we'll check out alternative strategies to help fill the void and transition to healthier ways of living. Understanding is the first step to recovery.
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Treating addictions in Toronto

I believe behaviours that have developed into addictions most likely served a purpose to begin with. Numbing pain and trying to forget the past are often behind them.

In case you were wondering, complete abstinence is not expected while we work together, and I appreciate that you may not be in a position to remain so. I also get that you might enjoy aspects of your addiction and don’t want to quit entirely but wish to be able to control and manage your usage or behaviour.

Should your plan be to quit entirely, this can be the objective we work towards. You are the primary agent in your recovery and empowerment is the key.

If you’re looking to untangle yourself from your addictions, boost your pride and dignity and gain a sense of control again, I can help.

If you're looking for help with addictions I encourage you to schedule a free consult. Let me be there for you.
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