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End-of-life & Legacy Therapy in Toronto

What do you define as having a good death? What would you need to do or say so you or your loved ones are remembered in just the right way?

Do you want to
make amends or leave something tangible behind so you will not be forgotten? Would you like to spend some time making precious memories with the ones you love — something wonderful and meaningful, something that will last?

You’ve reached a point in your life where you’re
re-evaluating the impact you’ve had in this world and have a strong desire to be remembered. It could be a lifetime of successes and generousity, great talent, a special family — a lifetime full of adventure and connections.

Have you considered creating an end-of-life/palliative legacy project?
Legacy work isn’t about death and dying, it’s about life.

Legacy work is about life and living,
making connections and sharing precious moments. It’s a powerful coping tool for the dying as well as the people around them and works throughout the process of anticipatory grief and beyond.

You will have the opportunity to
re-evaluate your life and be remembered for who you are and what you’ve done.

You may also want a chance to
ask for forgiveness if needed and to go from fear to acceptance. This process can foster changes in family relationships and dynamics.
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Memories artwork created as part of a legacy project.

Benefits of legacy therapy

Reduces stress for caregivers and patients

Decreases symptoms of discomfort

Creates social

Opportunities to ask for
forgiveness for all parties are present

Supports change in how death is viewed

Ensures the dying will be

Help you to
take stock of your life's purpose and make meaning out of your story

How I work with your legacy

I can assist and support you through any artful project of legacy work that you chose or design. If you need help coming up with an idea we can brainstorm but if you know exactly what you want to do we’ll plan it and make it happen.

I will
honour your desires and ideas in the creation of your special project and we can collaborate with family members or you can work solo I you wish. The project may be just for yourself and that’s totally accepted.

Once you are ready to start,
I supply all the materials to complete your projects and if needed, enlist the support of family members to collect the elements you may wish to incorporate. I then assist and facilitate the completion of your project as per your request.

Let me assure you that both the process and the end result will feel
deeply meaningful for the you and your family. It can be enjoyed by loved ones prior to and after death and offer something tangible to hold and to be comforted by.

Legacy work is suitable for seniors in retirement homes, those aging in place, anyone in hospice palliative care plus anyone who would like to embark on a journey of self contemplation and reflection at any point in their life.
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Mosaic created by Lydia Charak as part of a legacy project.

End-of-life project possibilities

Voice recordings of messages to loved ones

Writing to be read before and after death


Fingerprinting jewelry /

Mixed music
MP3s to listen to

Scrapbooks, poems,
artwork, journals

Web online presence for

recipes for the families

Squares for quilts for
future projects after death

Bequeathing objects like clothing or favourite things

Painted or mosaic

Custom creations

Legacy & end-of-life art therapy in Toronto

I offer legacy work in Toronto and the (GTA) for individuals, families and groups who wish to explore and embark on this journey of self-reflection and memory making. You will have the opportunity to reminisce, share insights, beliefs and values that you hold dear. Leaving a legacy ensures the dying will live on and just knowing that life transcends death can be comforting for the dying.

If this sounds like something meaningful for you and your family, please
schedule a free consult so we can talk about what you are looking for.

Not quite ready to book or have more questions that aren't answered in my FAQs?
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