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I’m so pleased you are visiting.

Does this sound like you? You feel angry or anxious more than you’d like or suffer in silence with deep grief and sadness. You feel like you’re barely holding it together – barely surviving with emotions that are out of control and you’re desperate for that to change. Are you numbing yourself with alcohol, recreational drugs or by working non-stop?

On top of that, you can’t say no to your family and friends and end up feeling resentment for the expectations they have of you, your time and your energy. You want to break free from depleting self-destructive patterns but just don’t know how.

You’ve come a long way with the plans you made for yourself with family and a career but that inner voice keeps telling you you're no good. Your creative side, once so inspiring, has dimmed or all but vanished and you woke up one day wondering – "How the hell did I get here?".

You’re dissatisfied with your life and you think you should be grateful and happy but you’re not.
Recently you've been wondering if there's something in your past that's interfering. You've been connecting the dots, but you don't know where to begin to figure it out.

Or, you know exactly what the deal is, and you feel ready to process what happened to you. You want trauma to stop playing such a difficult and painful role in your life.

Since you're here, I can see that you've made the tough decision to get some help and that’s the first step to feeling better and more like yourself.

I imagine you’ve been spending sleepless nights scouring the internet looking for a therapist who you think fits the bill. You want a qualified person you really trust and like and someone who gets you at the deepest level. Perhaps you’ve already tried someone who didn’t really work out and you want to try someone or something different.

I can help. Together we’ll find and heal the source of your pain, diminish the impact of any trauma and find compassion and hope so you can re-discover who you were always meant to be.

Let's bring colour back into your life.

Talk to me, I’m listening.
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