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Compassionate Inquiry® in Toronto

Compassionate Inquiry (CI) is a sensitive approach to Talk Therapy that helps reveal what is underneath what we present to the world. It explores body states and physical sensations that are directly related to emotions, memories, hidden assumptions and beliefs we develop about ourselves.

You can learn to recognize
unconscious dynamics that run your life and learn to liberate yourself by putting you in touch with experiences that might have been confusing or traumatic and exploring possible meanings you attached to what happened. These beliefs follow you into adulthood and impact who you are today and the issues you carry with you.

This form of therapy is well suited to working with
anxiety, shame and self-esteem and all kinds of trauma — big or small and any resulting maladaptive behaviours that complicate your life. Behaviours like addictions are based in self protective, survival responses to trauma and can result from the loss of meaningful connections to others. They numb our pain and help us to survive even though the possible outcome can be, at worst, fatal.
Additionally, Compassionate Inquiry incorporates elements of Internal Family Systems (IFS) – an evidence-based treatment model which allows us to connect with our inner parts as well as our core Self, who knows how to heal. IFS allows us to let go of our burdens enhancing compassion, transformation and integration.

Compassionate Inquiry helps you understand
why you do the things you do and say and puts them in context to the wounded person you are inside. It puts you, the client, in control by asking permission each step of the way to empower you and provide a sense of safety within the therapeutic space. You are given room to feel what you are feeling and process what has been going on in your life. It supports finding alternative perspectives and creates positive shifts in how you see and know yourself.
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There’s a reason why this process is called Compassionate Inquiry as it is a patient, caring and deeply meaningful process. It works by bringing awareness and shedding light on your past and unlocking positive potential for your future. It works hand-in-hand with The Clearing Method, and Expressive Arts as a multi-fold approach to psychotherapy / counselling and clients find relief from their symptoms.

If this sounds like an approach to therapy that resonates with you please reach out and schedule a free consult.
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