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Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy in Toronto

I'm excited to announce the expansion of my services to include Psychedelic Preparation and Integration sessions for clients who are interested in furthering their healing process in this capacity. Profound healing and personal growth can be facilitated through the expansion of consciousness, the promotion of self-reflection, gaining new perspectives about yourself and your relationships plus your connection to the world around you.

Of special interest to me is the potential use of psychedelics to
enhance and unleash creativity. Whether your intention is to overcome artistic blocks or develop new ideas, tapping into your innate creative inspirations through the use of psychedelics is the road in.

Psychedelic Preparation Services

There are several stages to preparation including understanding your motivation behind the use of psychedelics. Intention setting is framed around what you hope to get out of the experience, how to prepare physically and emotionally for the medicine so that you get the most out of your experience and what type of substance may be best suited for you.

Although it remains out of the scope of my practice to procure and distribute psychedelics, I am prepared to work with individuals who have their
own source for the medicines and are seeking therapeutic supports. Clinics which are legally allowed to administer certain psychedelics can be referred to as well.

My job is to get you
best prepared for the experiences and to help you get the most out of them.
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Psychedelic Integration Services

The period following a psychedelic journey is the time for integrating insights and experiences gained and incorporating them into your daily life. It involves reflection, self-care, continued therapy, support groups, or integration specialists like myself. The integration process helps individuals apply newfound wisdom and rejuvenated creativity to promote lasting transformation and growth.

Expressive Arts are particularly beneficial to further explore what you experience in psychedelic journeys and to make the most of them. Through integration you can further explore your emerging essence through Creativity Coaching should that emerge as part of your growth intention.

If psychedelics are part of your desired therapy and this resonates with you, please reach out to me to
schedule a free consult.
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