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One-on-one therapy

I'm not your typical therapist. I don't sit in silence and nod my head or write copious notes while you pour your heart out or struggle with the words you need to say. I listen intently, validate what I hear and collaborate with you to get to the root of your fears, pain and frustrations.

Sessions always begin with plenty of time for you to bring your primary concerns to the table. Keeping in mind your specified therapy goals, I don't work with a set agenda but fluidly follow you and what you need to deal with that day.

Talk Therapy at the start of the session may lead to an Expressive Art making process which can access what's too painful to feel and talk about or be just out of reach of your conscious mind. I look for openings where art making in therapy would be most helpful and might offer us alternative ways to look at your issues. That being said, if you rather just talk, then that's definitely an option. I'm totally open to that.

Together we look at your childhood relationships with family and peers and delve with Compassionate Inquiry into how these experiences developed the beliefs you now hold about yourself. These beliefs often interfere with living a full and happy life, so we work together to dispel them allowing you to see yourself in a more compassionate light.
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Sculpture series "Suffering" by Lydia Charak.

We gently look at traumas from the inside out and how they have impacted you. We take our time and go at the speed you feel comfortable with, so you always feel in control. This approach allows me to sensitively support your exploration of your past and present and how that personal history might show up in your life today.

When destructive or disabling behaviours, people pleasing, or perfectionism are issues you struggle with, we'll explore the root causes of your pain, when they began and why they are there. We'll get forensic and delve into the details through The Clearing Method to understand and clear out emotional pain from defining moments in your life.

We'll look at repeating patterns, excessive worrying, bouts of depression and grief and the feeling of being stuck too.

We want to also look at what's working for you and how to support the parts of you that feel great and happy. We'll look at your coping styles and what you can do to improve and solidify those that will actually help you.

Additionally, for the struggling artists looking for support, I also offer to work with you in looking at your creativity, artistry and sources of inspiration to facilitate the opening of doorways to renewed creative vigour and excitement.

Finally, if you have dreams or struggle with nightmares, we can explore what they mean to you by shedding light on their significance. During sleep, your active mind continues to process what happens to you during the day and peeks into your memories. We can harness their power and learn from them.

Through the course of psychotherapy, you will have time to process physical sensations, feelings, emotions and memories and put them in context to your problems and through this process learn to cope and find relief.

How I help

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The Clearing Method

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Compassionate Inquiry

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Expressive Arts Therapy

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Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy

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Essence & Creativity Coaching

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Legacy Therapy

Group therapy

For those who would like to benefit from expressive arts group therapy in addition to, or instead of one-on-one sessions, there is a waitlist available and I encourage you to book a consultation. At such time, please indicate what you are looking for in terms of services.

Even though what we work with can be at times difficult, there is always room for a few laughs. My clients describe me as warm and open and they love coming to sessions since they feel lighter and empowered when they leave.

Please give me a shout by scheduling a free consult, I look forward to connecting with you.
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