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The Clearing Method Specialty in Toronto

The Clearing Method is a unique form of mind/body-led therapy that gets to the root cause of pain. It allows for the dissipation and a falling away of struggles, relief from what are you trying to escape, and unconscious drivers that propel you to problematic behaviours.

It is an
amazingly effective process of therapy that goes beyond alleviating symptoms. It uncovers core wounds and healing at the source of suffering. By working in primary pain, we can clear out the hurt you are experiencing from where it all began. When the wounding dies, the hurt will fade away and the rest of your issues then are easier to dispel.

Hearing the hurt and pain is the first step. When you hear your own thoughts and feelings out loud and the truest expression of how you feel is released, you no longer need to push down and squash those feelings. When they are experienced fully and held with
compassion, you can hold yourself with heart and with love.

Soothing follows as pain is cleared from the inside out. Sitting close to the pain gives the gift of the opportunity to find big emotions in the body that lead to lasting healing.
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This holistic treatment spends time with your thoughts and feelings which are trying to point you to the hurt. My job is to take you into the pain and hear what you are saying and feeling about yourself. We look forensically at patterns in your present life and track them to where they began and the stories and reasons behind them. Once we accomplish that, a clear basis for understanding yourself is identified.

From there, you're skilfully guided through discovering and feeling your specific
emotional solutions for your emotional pain. We remove the emotional charge of the wound and clear out that energy. The evidence that kept you stuck in pain gets unplugged to let reframes and new belief systems to take hold.
Through The Clearing Method, we take tangible actions to obtain emotional freedom and improve mental health. Your pain is gone, your difficulties subside, and decisiveness and energy return. You become aligned with who you are, what you need, and what you want. Your true essence can then shine.

I also offer a combination this approach to therapy with
Compassionate Inquiry and the Expressive Arts to create a well rounded, effective and truly unique treatment model.

Although therapy at times can be hard going, it is not as difficult as living with enduring emotional pain. I can offer you the possibility of
lasting emotional freedom. Let me guide you there. Contact me to schedule a free consult.
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