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Expressive Arts Therapy in Toronto

Expressive Arts Therapy (EXAT) is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates the creative arts like visual art, movement, poetry, play, music and drama to name a few. By drawing from a myriad of art making forms and moving through one or a selection of them, I help clients to express and engage with their difficult stories.

Through creative
expression and the tapping of the imagination, you have the opportunity to examine your body sensations, your feelings, memories and thoughts on the road to self-discovery and understanding. Putting emotions and thoughts on to paper for example, can make them seem more external rendering them easier to deal with.

This process is
deeply rooted in the subconscious and bypasses the critical mind giving a direct route to underlying issues non-verbally and can be a safe and more comfortable way to deal with difficult material.

I incorporate the expressive arts by observing the your
creative process and impulses and then encouraging you to talk about the experience through Compassionate Inquiry and The Clearing Method. From this process you will discover personal meanings, glean insights and strengthen your inner resources.

Additionally, I invite you to check out how the arts can be incorporated within the scope of
Integration following Psychedelic sessions.
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Storytelling, painting, clay work, journalling, mask making, creating poetry, making life maps and photographs are some of the techniques that I utilize to enhance and deepen the your therapeutic process. We work with one art making modality that you might enjoy or are curious about, or we can move from one activity to the next, deepening and enriching the experience.

art honours what touches the soul, evokes imagination, engages the emotions and opens doors to previously closed avenues of thoughts, feelings and memories.

Therapy through the arts can be moving and fulfilling as well as
extremely flexible and deeply effective. Notably, this process also helps encourage and foster creativity for those who feel stuck artistically. The power of the Expressive Arts can be harnessed allowing your essence to surface and be revealed through Creativity Coaching so you can live your best authentic life.

Through the assistance of art activities, clients tell their life stories,
deal with difficult material, review the meaning of their lives and build relationships with others. It is suitable for all ages from young children who don't yet have the vocabulary to tell adults what is going on or how they are feeling, all the way to seniors making meaning of their lives and wishing to leave a legacy.
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The essence of art therapy

My philosophy of the Expressive Arts is based in the concept that everyone is innately creative whether they believe it or not so no previous experience in the arts is required or necessary, just a willingness to let go and explore.

As a therapist in Toronto working with the arts, I remain your companion and follow your lead, since after all, you are the expert in your life. I
witness your story, your pain and struggles and hold the frame of safety and trust. I encourage and support the creative spirit within you which leads to improved mental health.

If this type of therapy sounds like something you could get into and benefit from or you've tried other therapies which didn't quite fit the bill, please
schedule a free consult so we can chat. I can help.
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