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Essence & Creativity Coaching in Toronto

In the context of personal development and self-discovery, essence can be understood as the authentic self, the core identity or values that define an individual. It involves recognizing and embracing one's true passions, talents, and aspirations, free from societal expectations or external influences. Discovering and living in alignment with one's essence can bring about a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and a genuine expression of one's unique gifts.

Creativity often involves breaking away from conventional thinking patterns and exploring new possibilities. It can manifest in different forms, including visual arts, music, writing, innovation, design, or even unconventional approaches to daily tasks. Nurturing and expressing creativity can lead to personal fulfillment, innovation, and the development of new perspectives and reframing of old patterns of feelings and behaviours. Creativity can reestablish connections to the energy of living fully and authentically.

Additionally, embracing and expressing our essence can fuel and inspire our creative endeavours. When we align our creative pursuits with our true passions and values, we tap into a wellspring of motivation, inspiration, and personal meaning. This alignment helps us channel our creative energy in ways that are deeply fulfilling and authentic, leading to more meaningful and impactful creative outcomes.
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Elements of Essence & Creativity

Dismantle the barriers and resistance to creativity

Live fully in the awe and wonder of life

Feel the zest for living again

Take that spirit with you wherever you go

Everything you’re seeking pulses through your veins

Reconnect to your inner self

Step into your daydreams with curiosity and intention

Dream big and dream often

Express inner desires

Journey into yourself with curiosity

Build community and connections

Be fearless, intrepid, take a risk

Enjoy the life you are living

Say yes to life and adventure

Drink the elixir of life

Make a difference in your own life

Be magical


Be the artist you are

When you've been feeling unfulfilled and long for the elixir of life, your zest and enthusiasm for living and creativity feels dimmed. You miss that part of you who used to enter into the flow and was so readily available. Although you may believe that access to your true essence and authentic self is proving elusive, it has never left you. That artistic identity, who feels resistance, needs to feel welcome and encouraged to become visible, witnessed and felt.

Together let's dismantle the barriers and resistance to living in your essence and creativity. Let me help your authentic essence emerge so you can reconnect to what lights you up and fully explore what you want and what's right for you. You can imagine and create a life worth living.

If essence and creativity work resonates with you please reach out to me to schedule a free consult.
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