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I love the idea of sharing my stories, ideas and perspectives about the field of psychotherapy and the expressive arts, plus the role that our dreams and nightmares can play in understanding ourselves. I've learned a lot of things over the years on my journey to becoming a therapist – some of them led to success…. some not so much. I hope you find these stories thought provoking and insightful, full of curiosity, not to mention sometimes humourous and hopeful. You may even see yourself in these stories and relate to them on a personal level or you may discover how to avoid certain pitfalls and struggles I have had. You take from them what you will. I promise – they won't be boring.

Please revisit as often as you like and be my companion me on this adventure. Enjoy!
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Expressive Arts and Complex Mental Health

Expressive Arts Therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes and embraces the energy of the arts in its many forms. It provides an inroad to understanding ourselves from a subconscious and intuitive place. With the guidance and witnessing presence of a trained expressive arts therapist, clients tap into their senses, innate imagination and curiosity. Doors are opened to self-exploration, the processing of emotions, finding understanding and compassion for self and others and self-soothing. This form of therapy sensitively supports the treatment of complex mental health issues from a non-pathologizing and strength-based perspective. Not only is it ideally suited for treating challenging mental health issues from the bottom up such as trauma and PTSD, grief, depression and anxiety, the expressive arts work well with all ages, populations and abilities.

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