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Group therapy in Toronto

You want to go to therapy but it all seems a bit much. Talking one-on-one with a therapist feels too vulnerable. Do you prefer the idea of finding help with a group of people like yourself who are struggling with the same issues as you? I can help you with that.

Having an opportunity to share your experiences and pain with others who have walked in your shoes is validating and offers the opportunity to build community. Feeling connected is a basic human need and can be found in therapeutic groups where you work on similar issues and support each other.

Some of the themes of the therapy groups in Toronto that I offer include: the concept of leaving a legacy at the end of your life, grief and loss, addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma. Group members participate and engage with each other and with me through discussion and art making activities related to specific themes.

This kind of sharing can lead to a sense of belonging and help to develop self-confidence and connection plus work on presenting issues.
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Expressive arts groups in Toronto

Typically, groups run for 1-2 hours each and for a set number of weeks. Some participants engage in individual therapy as well or join more than one group. These groups are closed to late applicants once they begin in order to support a sense of safety and trust.

Please check out the
gallery to see the kind of expressive artwork that can arrive in therapy. They are inspiring and deeply meaningful examples of the type of work that can be created over one or several sessions.

Please sign up on the group therapy waitlist or schedule a free 30-minute no-obligation consult and we can chat about what you're looking for in terms of support.
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Lydia is intuitive, attentive, and very knowledgeable. She has a deeper sense of trauma from both training and lived experiences. Lydia has a breadth of artistic skills to tap into and is very playful and explorative. Lydia has been an amazing team member at Art With A Heart for numerous years running Expressive Arts Therapy groups. Our clients love her.
Sheri Gundry – Art with a Heart, Whitby Ontario

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