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Major life events & transitions support in Toronto

Let me paint a few scenarios that might sound uncomfortably familiar:

You are working your way through university with
no clear direction in life and are considering changing focus - yet again. You don't want to waste any more of your time and money but your interests have changed and you want to be sure. You're asking yourself all kinds of questions and doubting everything. Do you want to do this thing for the rest of your life? You need someone to help you explore your resistance and your excitement to help you find yourself. You want to gain the confidence to take on this new challenge.

Life as you know it has turned itself on its ear. You got
married way too early, your kids are driving you crazy and BAM! the betrayal of infidelity has tainted your relationship and you're devastated. As a result, your family is falling apart and you need to rescue yourself. You need support and someone on your side.

You thought you were all set but something unexpected happens. You're
deemed expendable at work, get terminated and now you're floundering and panicking. How will you ever make it to retirement at this rate? Money now is tight and jobs are scarce. How do you reinvent yourself? On top of that, you, along with this whole world, are thrown into a full blown pandemic where the ordinary rules no longer apply.

People are pointing their fingers and talking
mid-life crisis like it's something to be ashamed of or now that you retired, you want to live the best life you can while health is your friend. You want to put old pressures and patterns behind you and live a life of joy by claiming your artistry or living that dare-to-imagine dream. You earned it. But how do you get the nerve and where do you turn next to sort it all out?

Let me help you find your way to
clarity. Together we'll spend time understanding what's just happened to you, allow some space and time to lick your wounds and then explore what feels right and authentic so you can confidently embark into a new chapter in your life.
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Major life events & transitions

Graduating university


Moving to a new home

Losing your


Death in the family


Having a

Lockdown in a pandemic

Coming out

Life altering/ending

Divorce or separation


More and more

How I work with major life events & transitions

Whether you're adulting, in university, at mid-life, approaching retirement or nearing end-of-life, I would love to accompany you while you tell me your stories - the painful and the glorious, place things in perspective and imagine a future that's attainable and puts you first. Together we will visit past traumas with compassion, decide what's important to you and what's not. We'll uncover what excites and motivates you and together we'll secure the groundwork so you feel more present and confident with who you are.

I can help you
face the major life events and transitions head on so you can learn to roll with the changes and adapt or create a whole new beginning for yourself in your most authentic way. I would love you to find your joy and live your life fully in the next chapter of your life.

As a therapist in Toronto, I offer Talk Therapy in combination with Expressive Arts based therapy to support you as you begin to pivot and navigate life events however difficult.

Please contact me by
scheduling a free consult. This way we can get to know each other a little bit, you can ask me whatever you need to know and feel confident that you have made the right choice in a therapist.

Loss, bereavement & grief therapy in Toronto

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