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Depression Therapy

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Lately everything has been an effort. You're feeling exhausted and irritable and its lasting way too long. Sometimes you cry at the drop of a hat and you don't really know why. Mostly you feel numb.

You've been canceling activities with family and friends lately. It's just easier than having to fake you're happy and if you have to hear “smile” one more time you’re going to scream.

Unable to remember what it feels like to have an emotional connection with another person, you feel hollow but heavy and dead inside. Pushing people away so you won't be such a burden on them seems like the best you can do to protect them from you and your moods.

On the outside you look like you have it together but, on the inside, you’re depleted and miserable, anxious a lot of the time, and you just don't care anymore. You've resorted to destructive behaviours like drinking or smoking pot in an attempt to escape from the weight of these feelings. Anything to feel relief for just a few moments or at least to sleep through the night.

On top of your emotional pain you feel restlessness and struggle with headaches, indigestion plus joint and muscle pain. Your whole body hurts.

At its worst you don't want to live anymore but don't have the energy to do anything about it – until you do. You're feel like you're treading water believing you're all alone with no hope of rescue and knowing you're going to run out of steam soon.

Triggers for depression:

There could be unresolved conflicts and trauma that are stressing and unsettling you making you feel anxious. Perhaps there's a problem in one of your relationships or at work.

Self-sabotage and low self-esteem are forms of depression and the negative messages you tell yourself are toxic.

cycle where you repeat problems can makes you feel stuck and bring you down. There's potentially a part of your history that is unresolved leading to depression.

Burnout and self-neglect work together to make you miserable and difficult for others to be around you which makes your situation worse.

You are struggling with
bereavement, grief and loss.

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How I work with depression

I work sensitively and gently with you when your depressed. I listen attentively and validate your experiences. Together, using Talk Therapy, we explore the patterns in your thinking that bring you down and keep you stuck. We take time to demystify these patterns and how they became so cyclical for you.

I also incorporate Compassionate Inquiry as a way to delve carefully into your emotions and sense where those feelings sit in your body. When you're depressed you feel discomfort and pain physical as well and mentally. We'll trace the origins of your low mood and how it shows up today. With a clearer picture of why you feel the way you do; the door opens to feeling compassion for yourself.

I also look for openings to work in the Expressive Arts which can offer you a supportive way of understanding and experiencing your depression. Creating artwork while you tell your story soothes your nervous system and helps you feel brighter and lighter.
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Treatment for depression in Toronto

We all feel sad at times and that’s to be expected. These feelings generally lift after a while but when depression sinks in, it feels like it never will go away, and you struggle to get motivated to do anything. You might not sleep well at all or way too much and not be able to get out of bed.

At times like these you need someone to talk to. Someone who won't judge you or tell you to “snap out of it”. You really need support, so you don't feel all alone in the depths of your despair.

Let me be that person. Together we'll face your sadness and despair, figure out why you feel this way and take action to manage it.

We’ll challenge the negative thoughts you've been telling yourself and what core beliefs and shame are at the root of them. These no doubt influence how you see the world around you and play a role in your depression.

You will rebuild your self-esteem and confidence, learn to live in the moment and enjoy life again.

Depression can be treated.

Let me encourage you to book a consultation. This way we can get to know each other a little bit and make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Shame can go hand-in-hand with depression

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